At ExecuPet we love dogs!
The heart of ExecuPet is founded on a genuine love of dogs and our desire to help people and their pets enjoy a loving and happy relationship. It is our firm belief that training using positive reinforcement techniques will help keep your pet healthy, happy and of sound temperament. We understand that all dogs are different. We will create training solutions that are simple, effective, but most importantly, personalized to cater to your dogs specific needs and personality.

I am a Certified Dog Trainer from Animal Behaviour College (ABC). ABC provides students with a complete understanding of all quadrants in operant conditioning when training dogs. The training methods used follow scientifically based guidelines of positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization and counter conditioning. You will learn how to build a proper canine/human relationship through leadership exercises using positive reinforcement techniques. Creating a relationship built on positive interaction and consistency can often deter future unwanted behaviour problems, facilitate faster learning and even solve some existing behavioural challenges.

At ExecuPet we emphasize that training and behaviour modification should focus on reinforcing desirable behaviours, avoiding reinforcement of undesirable behaviours and addressing the emotional, physical and genetic factors that drive your dogs behaviour. Rewards based training teaches dogs that obedience and other desirable behaviours, such as not jumping on people, earn them things they like such as treats, toys, petting and praise. This type of training will create a dog whose primary motivation in training is based on earning a reward rather than avoiding punishment. By using the things your dog likes as a way of rewarding them you will create a fun and stress free training environment.

Puppy Basics 101- Before and After Your New Puppy Comes Home 

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? Have you already welcomed your furry new addition to the family? Puppy Basics 101 is an informative session that will provide you with valuable information before or after your new puppy or adult dog comes home. Deciding to add a dog to your family is no small undertaking! Ideally, it is important to do your research before you decide to get a dog. That way, you will be well prepared in advance to make sure your new best friend gets all the love and care they deserve!

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Where to get your new dog from; differences between breeders, shelters/rescues, pet stores, puppy mills
  • Choosing a dog that will fit your lifestyle
  • Breed Differences
  • Defining Temperament (nature vs nurture)
  • Canine Communication (learning the fine art of canine body language)
  • Developmental Periods of Learning for Dogs
  • Importance of Socialization and Exercise (mental and physical)
  • Veterinarians/vaccinations
  • Nutrition/How to read the labels (differences between dog foods, appropriate treats)
  • Basic Obedience Cues
  • Behaviour Problems you might encounter
  • Choosing the right dog training school for group obedience classes
  • The differences in dog training styles (positive reinforcement trainers vs. compulsion trainers)
  • Training Equipment- leads, collars etc.
  • Dangers at the Dog Parks


Basic Obedience Training  

This 6 week program will help you train your dog to perform basic obedience cues that are required in their daily life. Exercises that will be covered are:

  • Food Lure Exercises
  • Target Hand Exercises
  • Release Cue
  • No Reward Marker
  • Reward Marker/Yes Cue
  • Focus Cue
  • Sit and Sit/Stay
  • Down and Down/Stay
  • Recall (come) cue
  • Heel vs. loose leash walking
  • Leave it, drop it, take it


Beyond The Classroom…..The Real World!

Have you and your dog graduated obedience class but still feel there is more to learn? Need to fine tune your dogs obedience cues outside of the classroom while out on your walks? This program takes you and your dog beyond the controlled environment of group obedience classes and into the real world full of surprises and distractions that compete for your dogs attention. You will learn how to teach your dog attention, focus and impulse control under distracting situations while out on your walk.

By teaching your dog a strong focus cue using rewards based methods you will teach them that paying attention to you is more rewarding than the other dog across the street, the squirrel running up the tree or that yummy chicken bone on the pavement calling their name! This program is suitable for all different types of personalities from the very shy/fearful dog, hyperactive dog or highly distracted dog. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Focus Cue
  • Target Hand Exercises
  • Impulse Control
  • Leave It Cue
  • Sit and Sit/Stay
  • Down and Down/Stay
  • Heeling
  • Loose Leash Walking