Our customers depend on us to provide services catering to the demands of their busy lifestyle. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s what our customers say about our efforts…

ExecuPet provides excellent and reliable walking services for our Portuguese Water Dog, Jasper. Lina and her wonderful assistant ensure that Jasper is exercised and happy, rain, cold or shine, and that he is held to a high standard of behaviour. Watching Lina and her client dogs, it is obvious that she is genuinely fond of her charges, and gives them her best.

— Barbara McDougall, Adam Zimmerman & Jasper

Lina has been a wonderful addition to Scout’s life for more than four years. In that time, Lina has always been extremely reliable, cheerful and very trustworthy. I know that Scout looks forward to her walks with Lina, and she has also benefited by meeting and socializing with other dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend ExecuPet.

— George and Tami Cope & Scout

What sets Lina Cooke and ExecuPet apart from other dog-walking services is the degree to which she genuinely cares about my dogs. The welfare of the dogs is her primary concern. This is not just my opinion. The litmus test is Oliver and Charlie’s reactions to Lina when she comes to pick them up. The mutual affection cannot be faked. Lina’s policy of walking the dogs in very small groups ensures individual attention and safety. I would have no hesitation in recommending ExecuPet.

— Cam Stewart and Oliver & Charlie

Lina is loved by all in our house, but especially by our two dogs, Dixie and Dexter. Their walks with her are varied, social, and eagerly anticipated!! Not only is she a reliable walker, she trains as she walks….giving our mini schnauzers a mental and physical workout. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone needing some help with their doggies!

— Catherine de Vries and Dixie & Dexter

I can tell that my dog Zoey loves to go for walks with Lina. Zoey always gives Lina a delighted and happy welcome when she comes to our home. Lina is very responsible, loving and caring. She has been known to confront an aggressive dog at the risk of getting bitten in order to protect her charge. I do not worry about Zoey when Lina takes her on walks. Lina is also a certified dog trainer. Zoey has learned a few new tricks, and her manners have improved since she met Lina. It is great to know that Zoey is having a fun time, lots of exercise and happy adventures when Lina takes her out.

— Randy Rothberg & Zoey

We were referred to ExecuPet by friends in the neighbourhood. That was 2 years ago and we have never looked back. Our dog simply loves the care and attention that he receives from Lina and her team at ExecuPet. We receive handwritten notes every day to let us know how his day was. We are very happy with the personal service and always feel that our dog is in the best of hands. He is always so excited to go on his walks with Lina!

—Susan & Ian Goés & Taabu

I have known Lina for about 10 years. We both got our dogs around the same time. Lina is a very passionate animal lover. All the animals love her. She is an expert at handling all kinds of dogs because of her training and experience. Any dog and their owner would be glad to have Lina as their trainer and/or dog walker. She is amazing.

— Lynn Spencer and Molly

Lina has been taking care of Sunny, our cat, for the past three years. She has a real passion for animals, and does a fantastic job. When we go away now, we feel relieved to know that Sunny will be well taken care of, and get the love and attention he needs while we are away. Prior to working with Lina, we found that Sunny was stressed and agitated whenever we would return from a vacation. Now whenever we come home, he is calm and content.

– Joe & Marcia Fayt & Sunny


The exception always proves the rule. In a profession that is rife with under educated, careless amateurs, Lina Cooke is the consummate caring professional. She is not a dog walker, she is a personal trainer! She does walk dogs however she is personally involved with each dog when she walks them to ensure they are properly trained. My most precious friend is my dog Murphy Brown. There is only a select few people I would ever trust to be around her and Lina Cooke is one of them. She has been with us for 5 years. She is the best of the best.

— Jane Forbes-Roberts & Murphy Brown

Lina has been walking my dog Jem twice a week for the past 2 1/2 years. Together we have worked on Jem’s social skills and ability to walk on lead calmly and politely. Jem runs from window to back door when I tell her Lina is coming. She comes home from the walk content and tired. Lina restricts the number of dogs she walks at a time to two or 3 and Jem is never overwhelmed by a large pack. Her training and obedience skills are excellent – using positive reinforcement for good behaviour. I would only ever trust my dog with Lina!

— Ellen Young & Jem


Lina has been absolutely amazing in helping Honey make a smooth transition from living on a quiet Caribbean island to coming to a busy city, socializing her to noise & stimuli, distractions and other dogs. Honey loves her walks and is so excited when Lina comes to take her out. I feel totally safe knowing Lina is walking and caring for my dog.

— Maurene McQuestion & Honey

Our dog Yukon fell in love with Lina on his first walk, and we were so pleased with her care of him, that the decision to get a puppy, Storm, was made so much easier knowing that he would be walking with her daily as well. We would highly recommend Lina for her professionalism and for the love and concern that she has always shown for the well-being of our boys, but especially for how happy and excited Yukon and Storm always are to see her.

— Julie Thompson and Yukon & Storm

I feel so much more comfortable knowing that Winston is well taken care of while I am gone. Winston and I are both so much happier since you started walking him.

— Lesley Bodnar & Winston & Bentley

Lily and I both want to thank you for your help and support in bringing us together. Not only your pet taxi services but your support in general made a world of difference on our very important day.

— Fiona & Lily

I met Lina Cooke the day I brought my puppy Hampton home. I could tell right away that she would be a part of our lives. She is not only a wealth of knowledge, but her demeanour with animals is amazing. Her kind tone makes everyone relax and pay attention. I have used all of Linas’ services and will continue to recommend her highly to everyone.

— Lisa Netkin & Hampton

I have been witness to the infinite love and care she bestows, not only on her dog Oliver, but also on the other animal residents of our building and her friends and neighbours. Lina is truly a wonderful, gentle person with a gift for nurture and communication with all creatures, non-human and otherwise.

— Nathaniel Green

My move to Toronto has been much less stressful since Lina has been walking Madi and Kallie. I know that my dogs are being taken care of when they are with Lina. I am most appreciative that the individual needs of my two puppies are a priority of ExecuPet.

— Laurie Vineberg & Madi & Kallie